Not Many Had Knowledge Of Truths Regarding Dopamine.

Dopamine is the ultimate "wonder" drug. The more scientists find, the more they wonder what else there is to discover.

Dopamine is a crucial neurotransmitter and hormonal agent connected to a remarkably broad range of neurological functions: cognition, learning, attention, memory, desire, satisfaction, penalty, reward, motivation, sleep, state of mind, inspiration, behavior, and voluntary motion.

Dopamine is released when we experience stress. It is involved in impulsiveness, hyperactivity, emotional reactions, lactation, and mother-child relationships.

In insects, it helps form aversive memories.

It is also signified when we satisfy the fundamental survival requirements.

Every time we experience sex or food, feel safe or powerful, win approval, elevate esteem, we are rewarded with a shot of dopamine.

Dopamine is so effective that it is even released when we just anticipate a reward, consider sex, or smell favorite foods.

It is the oil that keeps our brain's survival system running.

Evolutionarily speaking, dopamine is very old with a long history of effectively motivating many invertebrates and vertebrates to act in manner ins which support survival and procreation.

The time-tested physical and psychological triggers that provide dopamine rewards are called sensing units, receptors, nerve endings, taste buds, instincts, feelings, get more info fantasies, feelings, and memories.

This primitive system has worked for millions of years and is accountable for getting us into the 21st century.

It continues to work precisely as meant with animals who do not have the intelligence to comprehend how brain chemicals manipulate life-sustaining habits.

The one species that the primitive dopamine delivery system is failing with is the only species gifted with the capacity to comprehend how brain chemicals control habits.

That types is ours. And the factor is that dopamine-induced dependencies render the dopamine system dysfunctional in a vast majority of the population.

Dopamine dysfunction can be traced to primitive ancestors who minimized all options to whether or not they activated dopamine.

Our more modern ancestors were so dodo for dopamine that they found out how to surge dopamine flow with drugs, gambling, and cash.

Unfortunately for our types, dopamine overflow damages fragile dopamine receptors.

So while a little dopamine goes a long way with healthy animals, excessive dopamine is never enough for people strained with maimed dopamine receptors and pressing dopamine yearnings.

Greed, bigotry, intolerance, pollution, the growing obesity epidemic, dependencies of every kind, and all manufactured catastrophes can be traced to the exact same dopamine dysfunction that makes it impossible for even dopamine "professionals" to understand that dopamine dysfunction exists.

In a nutshell, substances, behaviors, and beliefs that activate dopamine are popular and compounds, behaviors, and beliefs that threaten dopamine flow are avoided.

And couple of beliefs threaten dopamine circulation as much as comprehending how dopamine takes over free choice and controls habits.

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